American Express Offers Return Protection

A lot of people are familiar with the various protection of credit cards, like warranty extension and fraud protection, but did you know some cards offer Return Protection? Return Protection protects against the case when a store won’t accept your return and in the event that happens, American Express will reimburse you the purchase price as long as you call them up within 90 days of the purchase and it’s an eligible purchase (there is a list of products not covered, like plants, firearms, and ammunition). The limit is $300 per item and $1000 annually. It seems like a pretty ridiculous program because it seems almost unfair to the credit card, but I suppose the number of times a vendor won’t take something back is pretty limited. The restrictions on the program are pretty typical and outlined in their Return Protection program document.

I tried to do a search and see if Citi, Capital One, Discover or any of the larger credit card issuers offered this sort of program but couldn’t find anything on them (if you are aware of their programs, please let me know). It’s a nice little benefit, a little unexpected, but definitely something worth knowing if you have a choice between cards that offer everything else the same (cash back, warranty protections, etc.)