Coolest Credit Card Loyalty Rewards

I’m a cash back type of credit card rewards guy; when I get my rewards, I convert them into cash, statement credits, or college loan payment certificates because in almost all occasions, converting reward points into a reward is a losing proposition for me. Sometimes the conversion rate is unfavorable, sometimes the product is over-priced (over-pointed?), but in nearly all cases the conversion doesn’t work out for the customer, and that’s on purpose. However, today I spent a little time playing around with American Express’ Membership Rewards site and decided to see what the most expensive and likely coolest reward was (It’s a chef coming to teach you and seven friends some culinary delights!). After that, I hit up all the other reward programs to see what they had too, and my results are below.

American Express Membership Rewards (100 points ≈ $1)

In the Dining section, the two choices you have in the 50,000 to 100,000 point range is a “Two for Dinner” and “Chop, Dice & Slice.” With a Two for Dinner (75k), a personal chef will prepare dinner for two including a floral centerpiece and wine to complement your meal. All shopping, prep, and cleanup are provided. With Chop, Dice & Slice, a chef will turn your kitchen into a culinary school for you and seven friends. It includes all ingredients and instructional materials. Those were the two coolest but not the most expensive. The most expensive comes in at 400,000 points (Work and Wellness) where two wellness experts come into your office or your home for eight hours.

Citi ThankYou Rewards (100 points ≈ $1)

From the Department of Ridiculous comes a reward worth 33,206,700 ThankYou reward points, it’s a freaking Sea Ray 340 Sundancer. A used 2004 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer on eBay is listed at $129k. There are all sorts of other high point products out there such as paintings, jewelry, and the like but nothing comes close to the 33M points needed for a boat. Makes you wonder how many redemptions they get…

Discover Cashback Bonus

Discover’s program is pretty much strictly cashback or a little bonus if you get a gift card from one of their selected partners. There aren’t any experiences or products, just some gift cards. Nothing interesting to report (i.e., boring).

Capital One No Hassle Rewards

Unfortunately to view the rewards for Capital One’s program you have to register and all that jazz… I thought it was no hassle!? Oh well, I couldn’t register because I don’t have a CapOne account so anyone know what the coolest CapOne reward is”

Thanks to Paid Twice we now know the most expensive and coolest reward. Number one is a Hot Spring Sovereign Spa that seats six for a mere 1,692,000 miles. It’s a pretty cool hot tub with 1 Moto-Massage jet, 2 Soothing Seven jets, 2 JetStream jets, 2 Rotary hydromassage jets, 2 directional Hydromassage jets, 14 directional Precision jets, and a partridge in a pear tree. I’m with Paid Twice though on the coolest, a 3-Night Napa Valley, CA Golf or Spa Option package For Two for 540,000 Miles.

Chase Rewards+

Unfortunately again, Chase is the same way; without a card with the Chase Rewards+ program, you can’t see what sorts of rewards you can get. I have a Chase card, but it’s not in the rewards program, so I’ve been denied access.

If anyone has a Capone or Chase card in their reward programs, mind telling me what the coolest reward or their most expensive reward is? I’m was pretty surprised to see a freaking boat for Citi, but AMEX’s experiences were pretty sweet too. None of the other three programs I could view contained experiential type stuff that was as custom, though both AMEX and Citi had a sort of “request your own reward” feature where they’d quote you some point value. Anyone else knows of any cool rewards?