How to Shop on – My Shopping Experience

The name of the website and application is certainly familiar to most residents of this world. Why did I say that? In 2018, Wish was the most downloaded shopping app worldwide according to Wikipedia. Wish is ranked as the 7th most popular e-commerce trending download on Google PlayStore.

A Short History of Wish

Wish was started by Peter Szulczewski, a former Google engineer, as a software company called ContextLogic. In September 2010, Context Logic received $ 1.7 million in investments and involved Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman. According to Forbes, now the third-biggest e-commerce marketplace in the U.S. by sales. Globally, some 90 million people use it at least once a month. Taking a 15% cut of their purchases, Wish doubled its revenue last year, to $ 1.9 billion.

How to shop

Wish provides applications for devices running iOS and Android operating systems. The iOS app version 3.5.5 was updated on June 15, 2014 and requires 16.8MB of disk space. Remarkably, this application is available in many countries. The Wall Street Journal reports that Wish received the registration of 31 million active users. Though three months ago only received about 25 million visitors.

Ok now I will share how to shop at Wish. It’s actually very simple, it’s the same when you shop at other E-commerce applications.

First, you can open the website on your laptop or download the application on Google PlayStore or IOS App. I prefer to use a smartphone for shopping because it’s easier and faster. After that, you can register to have a purchase account. There is an email verification that will go to the email address you registered. If you have verified your email, you just enter Wishes again and choose the product you want to buy.

In my experience, there is usually an attractive promo code for Wish so you can easily get items at bargain prices. You can also see directly the price that has been converted to the currency used in your country. After selecting the items you want, all you have to do is put it in your basket, and go to the Checkout menu. This menu will display your order summary that contains the total goods, shipping costs and total prices.

If you feel everything is correct, starting from the amount of shopping and your shopping items and agreeing with the shipping costs, you just have to check out and a shipping address form will appear for you to fill out.

After completing the delivery address, you will enter the next menu, which is the method of payment. Here Wish only accepts payments via Credit card or Debit card only, there is no payment service in place. This is what I think is unfortunate because now E-commerce already uses the Cash on Delivery menu as an alternative payment.

After entering your credit or debit card number, you will review the order to make sure the goods you have purchased, your shipping address are correct, after that you confirm and finish, you are just waiting for the item you purchased to arrive as soon as possible. Delivery usually takes around 10-14 days if you live abroad.

Before ending this article, I will give you consideration so that you decide to buy on this Wish. One of the attractions of Wish is price. You can make sure you get an attractive price on this website. Secondly, It is rich in variety. Wish has a very diverse item item menu so you can search for items that are difficult for you to find in the usual shopping places on this website or application.

You should pay attention if you shop here only if the goods you do not need in the near future and no problems with the transfer payment feature.