It’s Okay To Spend $13k On College Preparation

Caitlin Pickavance’s parents have spent approximately $12,825 on their daughter to make her a more competitive applicant when she applies for colleges and universities this year. The twelve grand have gone to things such as a private college coach, tutors, prep classes, and two trips abroad: a good-will mission to Belize and summer classes at the University of Salamanca in Spain ($7,000, the bulk of the spending). Now, most people would say that spending close to $13k just to make your child more competitive is ridiculous (that’s why it’s a story on CNN Money), but I say why not?

When it comes down to it, what’s the reason why you earn money in the first place right? You go to work so that you can provide for you and your family. Whether that’s a fancy new car or summer classes at the University of Salamanca in Spain, ultimately you’re doing something for someone that you love. In this particular case, I’d argue that spending the $7k for classes is better than a lot of things you could do with that money.

As for preparation, we’re a competitive society (every society is a competitive society, socialism is dead and hippies smell) and any leg up you can give someone in your family on the competition (everyone else) is one that you try to get. One could easily argue that you don’t need to spend thousands in order to do well (the only SAT prep I had was a $25 Real SATs book, but don’t ask what my score was, I turned out alright 🙂 ) but some people do need that course to help turn on the light bulb, and it’s okay to spend that money.