Ten Minute Tip: Clean Out & Reorganize Your Wallet or Purse

Today’s ten-minute tip comes straight out of Seinfeld and the Costanza wallet, which is basically what most guy’s wallets look like after a few days or a few weeks of life. If you’re like me, you stick all your receipts in your wallet, despite the fact that they’re pretty much useless unless you’re getting reimbursed; and eventually these useless slips of paper seem to take over your wallet. If you have more receipts than you have actually bills of US currency… you have to clean out your wallet or your purse.

All kidding aside, in addition to just general cleaning, you should revisit which cards you have in your wallet or purse and think about whether you really need to be carrying them all the time. This is most important for credit cards or other cards that you use very infrequently and would be a pain in the butt to replace. I’ve lost my wallet before so, speaking from experience, I know that recovering everything is a huge pain. While credit cards are easy to cancel and replace, why have to go through the exercise if you hardly use the card at all? Why force yourself to remember which cards you have in your wallet when you can shelve it from your daily pack? I believe the same goes for anything else that might be important.

So, clean out and reorganize your wallet or purse Costanza!