Using Credit Cards to Get What You Want

Some consumers are cleaver in their efforts to work the system to get what they want.  This is true in almost any part of life and has its practitioners in the credit card category as well.

The Trick-   There are those who still have good credit and are using credit cards and rewards programs just to feed their desire for the “good life.”  Recently a story was told of a couple who had very meager living quarters in their hometown, but kept up a high life of travel and living by using second-hand time share offers and obtaining credit cards with travel rewards to book flights between these most desirable locations.

Living Large –  Since their living expenses in their hometown were so little, they could afford to pay for the time shares and resorts.  Working the credit card rewards programs means that they often have multiple cards from the same creditor.  Then, they would negotiate the annual fee down or work out additional travel points to their advantage.

Dangerous Consequences  – Working a program like this is very dangerous because if you are not good at controlling your spending, you can get in over your head very quickly.  Which brings us to the main issue in working with credit cards: controlling your habit of using the cards.

While some have put forth great efforts to use the system in order to get what they want, most other card holders are struggling just to make payments.  The key thing to remember is to keep from putting yourself in a vulnerable position which you might regret later.